Ruthie Becker Bio and Artist Statement

Biography/Artist Statement 

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An early childhood memory of mine was in Villa Borghese, in Rome, Italy, where I remember seeing vast fields of kaleidoscopic flowers. I felt awed by the power of those colors, and it drew out an immense joy and intensity from my budding soul. I could feel, taste and smell it's was vividly palpable!

Although born in Cochabamba, Bolivia, I was also exposed to the Persian culture in Tehran, Iran and the Roman culture in Rome, Italy during my adolescent years. I then studied Art and Political Science at the University of Oxford in England. Upon my return to Italy, l married and moved to the United States. 

Together, my late husband and I brought four beautiful children to life, and I spent the next 30 years focusing on their upbringing. However, once my children matured, my leave of absence from art was over! I moved to Kansas City in 2008 and have returned with fervor and delight to make up for lost time!   

I now sculpt and paint with a revitalized purpose. I want to inspire and encourage an intimate journey for my viewers while they see into my soul, my longings, and my thoughts. To me, the vibrant color in my work represents that awakening, that ecstatic life force which I first witnessed as a child. Through color, I bring out the beauty in the mundane. Art allows us all to dream and interpret in our own unique way. I hope to awaken your spirit as well!