Free Art Friday in Kansas City

Free Art Friday in Kansas City was started in November of 2013 by Ruthie Becker, and is making waves locally (see video below). Inspired by the global "Flood the Streets With Art" movement created by artist Scott Wong, the concept of Free Art Friday is quite simple. Provide free art to the community by placing a piece of art in random public places for anyone to keep. The purpose is to inspire creativity, create awareness of the Kansas City art scene, and most importantly to bring joy to a random person.

Local Kansas City artists participate in Free Art Friday by creating an original art piece (painting, photograph, sculpture, poem, etc.) and then placing the art somewhere in Kansas City. Each piece is accompanied by a note explaining what Free Art Friday is, and that the art is free to take home for anyone who would like to have it. Artists can post photo clues on Twitter using #FAFKC or on the group Facebook page. You can also follow Free Art Friday on Twitter at @FAFKC.

You can call it a random act of kindness. Or another way to pay it forward. What's important is the opportunity to bring some unexpected happiness to someone's life. For more information, visit the following pages:

Kansas City Free Art Friday group page on Facebook

Flood the Streets with Art group page on Facebook

Local television station KCTV-5 in Kansas City recently did a story on Free Art Friday in Kansas City. Read the article here.

Click through the gallery below to see some of the paintings dropped by Ruthie Becker for Free Art Friday in Kansas City.