How to Order Artwork

All my paintings, sculptures and assemblage pieces are original creations. I do not do reprints. So to inquire about a painting, sculpture or assemblage, please contact me with the name of the piece you are interested in. If you would like to visit about collaborating on a commissioned piece, please note that as well.

For any artwork displayed on the site, "Available" denotes the original piece is available and can be shipped directly to you. "Sold" denotes the piece has been sold, but I can recreate as close as possible to the original, or to your specifications. "Collection of ..." also denotes the piece has been sold, but can also be recreated for you.

Details on shipping will vary upon the piece. Also note that paintings are normally shipped without a frame. If you would like the piece framed, there will be an additional cost.

To reach me, email me direct at or call 316-390-0290. I would love to find out more about your interests and specific tastes. I look forward to hearing from you!

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